Trouser Press Tuesday: JESUS AND MARY CHAIN

Fusing simple pop melodies with industrial-strength
guitar distortion, stuttering drum beats and caricatured
lyrical perversity in a cauldron of echo and attitude, the
Jesus and Mary Chain — Scottish brothers Jim (mainly
vocals) and William (mainly guitar) Reid — created a
modern sound so far over the top of all other “Sister Ray”
jumpstarters that it became as directly influential on
subsequent bands as the Velvet Underground itself. An
absolutely brilliant singles band stuck behind an
unflinchingly enervated and insular pose, the narrow-minded
duo (plus as many as three other players for live purposes)
made inconsequential creative progress, raising and lowering
the sonic chaos drawbridge without damage while keeping its
songwriting remarkably consistent (some might say
repetitive) until calling it quits informally at the end of
1998 and officially in October 1999. One great idea is

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