Billy Childish: Is Dead

December 17, 2008
DVD art

DVD art

Fascinating glimpse of modern day Renaissance man Billy Childhish, who has been called ‘A one-man art movement’.

Indeed. We get to see many of Childish’s paintings and woodcuts, a little background on his literary output, some brutally honest disclosures of his upbringing and personal redemption and of course his numerous bands playing wonderfully trashy – albeit English-tinged – garage rock. Although the poor sound quality of the interviews makes it a little difficult, it’s a fascinating, unflinching look into the mind of an Outsider Art genius, even though he’d take umbrage at the term.

If anything, the amateurish nature of the film making only underscores the Art-Brut nature of the subject matter and shouldn’t put off either fan or the curious.
Highly recommended.


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