Robert Anton Wilson Audiobooks

December 18, 2008

Incredibly, this post, which featured my audio-rip of my book on cassette set of Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything is still alive and kicking, two or more years after I posted them:


Our favorite stand-up philosopher managed to escape this penal
colony plane of existence recently after a long bout with Post-Polio
Syndrome, so I have dug this gem out and have been listening to it
lately. RAW’s Cosmic Trigger series, as well as the Illuminatus Trilogy
really warped my perceptions of reality for good.
This is a rip of my six tape set available in the late eighties, so
there’s an appropriate amount of tape artifacts or the occasional wow
and flutter. On the whole, it sounds pretty good though. (Read whole post)

You may want to grab ’em while they’re still hot. Let me know if any of them have expired and I’ll either alter the post or re-up them as time allows.

GEEZ! Maybe I ought to take advantage of being snowbound and go through my archives and highlight all the posts that still have active RS files…


One comment

  1. Thanks Rich. I’ve never read (or listened) to his stuff, but I’ve always wanted to. I’m ready for the mind-fuck!

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