Snowed In Movie Report

One nice thing about being snowed in; it’s made me realize how many movies we have ferreted away in our house.
I have many movies saved to my hard drive that I never got around to watching when I rented them, as well.
Despite the snow, the mailman managed to get my Netflix picks delivered ahead of the snow storm.
Here’s some of the movies I’ve watched off of my shelves in the last few days:

200 Motels

Outer Space Connection (1975 UFO doc with Rod Serling)
Einsturzende Neubauten – Halber Mensch (1986 live video)
The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E. Smith (Doc on The Fall)

Plus, I watched David Cronenberg’s The Brood with my son last night. Tonight, I may show him Scanners, or maybe he’s ready for Eraserhead. I may also try to get through all of that horrible Star Wars Holiday Special that some kind soul gave to me as a bootleg a few years back. It’s partially redeemed by having nearly one hour of Kenner’s Star Wars toy commercials and an episode of The Muppet Show with part of the cast of SWs in it.


  1. Lock your knives away before watching that Star Wars special. At least take it in installments. Love “The Brood” and “Scanners”. I spent my summer vacation watching all of Cronenberg’s movies.

  2. Me too!
    Some I had watched many years ago and didn’t fully appreciate then.
    I really love his earliest ones: Shivers, Rabid and The Brood, which I have only recently acquired a strong liking for. I don’t think I was ready for or even capable of appreciating the metaphorical nature inherent in some of his movies when I was a teenager.
    My favorite continues to be Videodrome, though.
    eXistence was really under-rated and weird.

    The Brood would make a great double feature with Zulawski’s Possession. Both deal with a bizarre divorce issue with children and weird body horror. Both are utterly nightmarish, too, although Possession is much more dreamy and esoteric. It seems more like a nightmare experienced by someone going through a really hellish divorce or separation.

  3. Not nearly as esoteric as others but here in PDX where 18″ is like 18′, it’s been Looney Tunes, The Odd Couple (Seasons 3 and 4) and The Road To Singapore.

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