Random Trousers Tuesday: COMPULSION

Compulsion EP (UK Fabulon) 1992
Casserole EP (UK Fabulon) 1993
Safety EP (UK One Little Indian) 1993
Boogie Woogie EP (Elektra) 1994
Comforter (Interscope/Atlantic) 1994
The Future Is Medium (UK One Little Indian) 1996
Totale (UK Siren/Virgin) 1990

In a constellation of retro-looking and -sounding bands, London’s Compulsion — three Irishmen and a Dutch drummer — is the great spiky hope for punk-like rock. Combining the best of Nirvana’s quiet-loud dynamics and the Pixies’ axemanship with incredibly forceful presentation (both live and on record), the band has forged a pummeling, absolutely individual sound.

Aging angry-young-man singer Josephmary and fellow Dubliner bassist Sid Rainey first hooked up in the ’60s-inspired Thee Amazing Colossal Men. With the addition of guitarist Garret Lee and drummer Jan-Willem Alkema, they formed Compulsion and released two powerful vinyl-only EPs on their own label; Compulsion and Casserole were later collected on a bonus CD available in initial UK copies of Comforter; a few of the EPs’ best tracks comprise the band’s American debut, Boogie Woogie.

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