Merry Stuffmas to All Readers

December 26, 2008

I’m sitting here in the relative calm on Christmas evening, on day 7 of our being snowed in.
I’m grateful for my Wife, family, a roof over my head (after my wife and I spend four hours removing the bulk of 18″ of snow from it!), power and the almighty internet.

I’m also grateful that my children are old enough to not really care about getting presents on Christmas day. Like Clark Griswold, my holiday shopping depends on the dispensation of my work’s Christmas bonus. This year (oh yeah! I’m grateful for my job, too!), I no sooner had it in my hands when Snowmeggedon hit. So I have been stranded here with not a single gift for my family, save for my wife for whom I bought a friend’s iMac. Somehow, handing the kids checks seems tacky, don’t you think?

But, luckily they’re all teenagers or young adults, so they don’t really care when they get theirs, as long as they get it.

We made an abortive attempt to bug out tonight and go out to have Chinese food. We made it off of our mountain road in a harrowing, white-knuckled ride, before deciding it wasn’t worth risking our one functional vehicle, so we returned home despirited. Who eats Chinese food on Christmas night, anyway?

I can’t wait to get off the mountain. I’m going nuts. It will still be about a week before I get my own car out of the shop (blown head gasket) with a new-ish engine my repairman found. Another thing to be grateful for: an honest and reliable mechanic.

One thing this icy exile has done for us: it’s made us realize who we are together. And that’s not something you can get at the mall.



  1. Good post. Merry Xmas.

  2. I have a 4 wheel drive truck and chains. I could have come and got you. For a very nominal fee of course. It is the season after all…..

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