Trouser Tuesday: The Honeymoon Killers

December 30, 2008

This is fun; I had no idea this particular band with this name existed:

Les Tuers de la Lune de la Miel (Bel. Crammed Discs) 1982

Predating by at least a year the more durable New York scum-rock
combo named after the same 1969 William Kastle cult film classic, this
stylish trio from Brussels — a male singer, a female singer and
progressive lounge auteur Aksak Maboul — put out cool, rhythmic rock
that stretches from French Riviera rhumba to gritty no wave nihilism.
Offbeat, surprising and fun. (The title of their album, incidentally,
is a crudely literal French translation of “The Honeymoon Killers.”)

[Ira Robbins][link]

It’s a short entry, so here’s either a link to A:Next Random Entry; B:Entry for New York band Honeymoon Killers; or C:Wikipedia entry on the 1970 film Honeymoon Killers

I recommend the film, by the way. Although based on lurid subject matter, it’s very well directed, despite the low budget and has this tone of gritty realism that was apparent in 70’s cinema. Shirley Stoler’s performance is great, too. She went on to play villainesses in many movie and TV roles and was even Mrs. Steve in Pee Wee’s Playhouse. She passed away in 1999.


One comment

  1. I knew about the other one too, but wasn’t aware there were two of them. I haven’t seen the movie. I’ll check it out.

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