Trouser Press Tuesday: Nash the Slash

January 6, 2009

This one’s fun:

Bedside Companion EP (Can. Cut-Throat) 1978
Dreams and Nightmares (Can. Cut-Throat) 1979
Children of the Night (UK DinDisc) 1980
Decomposing EP (Can. Cut-Throat) 1981
And You Thought You Were Normal (Can. Cut-Throat) 1982
American Bandages (Can. Quality) 1984
Highway 61 (Can. Cut-Throat) 1991
Blind Windows (Can. Cut-Throat) 1997

Visually striking in formal dress — his head and hands wrapped in
gauze bandages — Nash the Slash has had a mixed career, alternating
between intriguing electronic music and weak pop songs. Following his
1978 departure from the Canadian progressive trio FM, Nash
self-released an EP and LP which paralleled concurrent developments in
Germanic electronic music. At times, the albums evoke a more aggressive
Tangerine Dream, or sound remarkably close to the Neü/Cluster hybrid
Harmonia; however, his electrification and processing of the violin and
mandolin gives the records a distinctive identity. (The Blind Windows CD compiles Bedside Companion and Dreams and Nightmares.)(…)

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One comment

  1. Nash! Saw him live a few times in the early 80’s – even bought a cool Cut-Throat records T-shirt at one gig. His performance on TVO’s “Nightmusic” program (1979?) blew me away. Look for it on YouTube.

    Long time NTS fan. Thanks.

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