An Evening with Briz and Electronic Blues for Gaza:

January 9, 2009
Briz live at KBOO

Briz live at KBOO

Last Friday night’s show I was fortunate to have on as my guest Vancouver WA-based noise artist Briz, who played a set with his amazing array of gadgets and effects. He was also kind enough to sit in for an interview and we mixed strange sounds together throughout the rest of the show. I also played a lot of material pertaining to the crisis in Gaza and we noted the passing of Ron Asheton (Stooges, Destroy All Monsters, New Race, etc.) who passed away over New Year’s and we played some of the amazing compilation Mashed In Plastic that I wrote about earlier.
It was a fun show. Many people stopped by an hung out and the impromptu jam with Briz was a lot of fun.
Check it out.

Listen (Briz performance and interview in part 2):
Part 1: Electronic Blues for Gaza
47.2 minutes, 65 megs @ 192kbps Download

Part 2: An Evening with Briz
72.1 minutes, 98.8 megs @ 192kbpsDownload

You can find out more about Briz and his projects and releases at: http://brizbomb.com/

For a complete playlist of this show, visit the program’s playlist page here.

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  1. Are you gonna post the show?

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