A Great Image Resource for Every Bad Darkwave/Industrial Band

January 13, 2009

For any aspiring Power Electronics/Darkwave/Neofolk bands, there’s a huge selection of creepy medical specimen photos and assorted other ickyness to be found to bling up (for lack of better word) your CD or cassette release, just like SPK or Throbbing Gristle did, circa 1979. Use a sinister-sounding German name and go raid DaFonts for scary-looking lettering. Be shocking, culturally insensitive and unoriginal, to boot!

Go join the fun here.

Found at Boing Boing (no unicorn chaser here, though).



  1. I saw that too. Great stuff. Fuck unicorns.

  2. Can you say artistic reference? Yeah….that’s it….

  3. Biv-O! I shoulda known you’d be all over that!
    Did you see all the movie posters at his other site?

  4. Still exploring…..

  5. Thanks Boy-o……

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