Happy MLK Day, Folks!

January 19, 2009

I am taking the day off work and instead volunteering down at KBOO to lend a hand during the MLK Day simulcast. There’s been a nice, positive – albeit somewhat frantic one for the organizers – around this yearly event and I want to be a part of it, however small. I’m also excited to be rid of Bush after eight long years. I can’t believe it’s actually over!
I’m also recovering from both a very late night show Friday and finally finishing a long put off home project.

I don’t think I’m cut out for these 3am to 6am slots anymore. After an intitial period of exuberation and giddiness at being able to do radio, I now must admit that I’m not twenty anymore (I’m 43) and can’t stay up for 24+ hours without suffering dire consequences; often a mystery illness my doctor insists on calling migraines.

I’m also at somewhat of an impasse with my volunteership at KBOO. I need to do something new as my volunteer job after doing community calendar for over a year. I may get into web training and am eyeing opportunities in the news room. But I also am frustrated in that opportunities for me to do shows seem to be drying up. I can get on the air somewhat regularly as a substitute, but it’s hard for me to garner much enthusiasm around developing a show if I don’t know when I’ll be on or what timeslot/audience it will play. I have been here before and honestly, few people who have been there at such a short time as I can expect to even be on the air as much as I have. I have been fortunate in that regard.
I will stay there doing something as long as it’s fun, but still find my enthusiasm for much of it waning.



  1. Good luck Rich, whatever you decide.

  2. Try acting……

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