Trouser Tuesday

January 20, 2009

Sorry for yesterday’s self-indulgent and somewhat histrionic winge.

Here’s our random selection this week (drum-roll, please…):

On their first album, Scotland’s Cocteau Twins add a
borrowed drum synthesizer to vocals, bass and heavily
treated guitar, producing atmospheric dirges with rich
textures and little structure. Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals
are essentially tuneless, and the backing goes nowhere, but
it’s all artily agreeable enough for those with the
patience to wade through the murk and mire. (The UK
Garlands CD adds a 1983 John Peel radio broadcast
and two previously unreleased studio tracks.)

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Since 1974, Trouser Press has been covering the Other Music beat and currently resides on the web at www.trouserpress.com

I will be posting a random link from Trouser Press on every Tuesday until the weboholocaust.


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