Art Spiegelman on Words & Pictures

January 26, 2009
Tuesday morning (January 27) from 9:45 to 10:30am (PST),
 Words & Pictures welcomes Art Spiegelman
to Portland!  The Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novelist dropped
by the KBOO studios last fall on his way to an appearance at the
Bagdad Theater.  Spiegelman’s body of work runs the gamut from
the Holocaust memoir Maus to political features in
and The New York Times Magazine, and his
re-released collection of early underground comics Breakdowns
opens a window into both a personal and cultural history of the late
20th century.
“Words & Pictures” airs on KBOO community radio,
90.7fm, Not near a radio?  You can listen to the real-time
webcast at http://kboo.fm/listen  And look for the webcast
version on KBOO’s home page shortly after the show airs.
more info and links to recent webcasts, visit 
http://kboo.fm/WordsandPictures and press the “Audio”

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