Trouser Press Tuesday: SIPHO MABUSE

January 27, 2009

Sipho Mabuse (Virgin) 1987
Chant of the Marching (Earthworks/Virgin) 1989

British new wave pioneer Martin Rushent co-produced and remixed veteran Soweto singer/drummer Mabuse’s first American album, recorded in both Johannesburg and London. Mabuse sings mostly in English on the strongly westernized songs, which blend African percussion styles and sounds with rock guitar, popping fretless bass, funk horns and other dance-ready attributes. “Shikisha” and “Ti Nyanga (African Doctor)” both feature backing by a female vocal group and are the most colorfully appealing tracks here; “Burn Out” (previously issued in the US as a 12-inch from a 1985 import LP), with no African character whatever, is just plain terrible(…)

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