Bill Hick’s Banned Letterman Performance: Dave Makes Good

January 31, 2009

David Letterman has always been quoted as saying that he regrets allowing the late, great Bill Hick’s 1983 routine to be censored from the broadcast. The bit was about abortion, not exactly the kind of comedy that network suits and the sponsors that own them like to have on during valuable airtime.

But, for whatever reason, Letterman not only had Hick’s mother Mary on his show to talk about it, he allowed the censored standup routine to play.

pt. 2


Here it is. Watch it before it gets censored by YouTube prowling CBS weasels.

This is weird to me, because I had just that day turned a coworker onto Bill Hicks and he ended up reading about him on Wikipedia and told me about the impending appearance on Letterman.


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