Zornography, etc.

February 1, 2009

As you may know, in the periods before and directly after this blog’s term of posting whole albums for download (which I no longer do for many reasons, the main one being lack of time) I used to report on the amazing scene of music share blogs out there. I don’t do it so much anymore as I simply don’t have the spare time and when I do run across an incredible new one, I forget about it when I do have time. Plus, I don’t do much surfing for blogs anymore and most of my searching is hit-and-run when I am looking for a specific album for an upcoming show or looking for someone else’s show – the recent shows of Who Died in 2008 done by fellow DJs Daniel and Kathy being a good example. We searched high and low for things by Yma Sumac, Freddie Hubbard, Forry Ackerman, etc…

However, one that is definitely worth your attention if you’re a John Zorn fan is Zornography. You must check it out. The aim here is to post Zorn’s entire discography. Good luck to him or her and Godspeed. Reviews are in Italian but track listings and personnel notes are helpfully in English.
 I was delighted to find the boxed set of his early works from the Parachute label, many of which contain the amazing guitar-work of Eugene Chadbourne.

Another good resource has been Chewbone, a home-brewed search engine optimized to sniff out music share blogs with downloads. It even features another search box in the side that you can direct at specific upload platforms (Rapidshare, Megaupload, etc…) to dial it in even more. It has rarely failed me, although one must sift through the results carefully to find what you’re looking for.
Fun, challenging, yet frequently rewarding.

I also just today found Vollnarkose (blogwatch), one of those great, indispensible blog listing sites that helpfully adds a little thumbnail of the listed blog’s recent content.



  1. Hey, Chardman!

    Once in a while I stumble upon your blog, and it seems like you over mine. I just made the Vollnarkose blogwatch to satisfy myself with a quick glance of what is happening at various blog I use to visit.

    Sometimes I’m still active in posting stuff, but more and more I get bored faster, then I delete my blog – and about a half a year or so later, I start again… strange habit, but since new bloggers come along, sometimes worth the ‘*$%&

    Cheers!! 😉

  2. For us fellow Zorn fans you have done a public service. Thanks!

  3. On another Zorn note, here is a list of all of Zorn’s work from 1977-07. http://cellule75.blogspot.com/2008/03/john-zorn-complete-works-1977-2007.html

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