Trouser Press Tuesday: 24-7 SPYZ

February 3, 2009

24-7 SPYZ
Harder Than You (In-Effect) 1989
Gumbo Millennium (In-Effect) 1990
This Is … 24-7 Spyz! EP (EastWest) 1991
Strength in Numbers (EastWest) 1992
Temporarily Disconnected (Ger. Enemy) 1994
6 (Ger. Enemy) 1996
Heavy Metal Soul by the Pound (What Are Records?) 1996
If I Could EP (What Are Records?) 1997
21stCenturySouthBronxRockStar (Gumbo) 2002

Although largely hidden in the sudden explosion of late-’80s thrash-funk combos, this exceptional New York quartet is virtually everything Living Colour would be if Vernon Reid weren’t such an overachieving technician and Corey Glover didn’t take himself so seriously. Jimi Hazel can play guitar in a variety of speedmetal, jazzbuster and post-funk styles, but spends his time contributing to the songs rather than trying to escape them with flash solos; the rhythm section moves easily from junior-gods-of-thunder to thumb-popping bass and irresistible sacroiliac adjustments.

African-American culture, cogent politics and Capping it all off, singer Peter Fluid sings his lyrical mixture of punky stupidity with confidence and power(…)

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