Headed for Seattle

February 14, 2009

I am headed to Seattle for a few days on a secret work-related mission. I don’t know if or how it will affect blogging, but I do plan on taking in a few sites as time allows. One thing I will go for sure is see Paul Allen’s Experience Music Project and will geek out big time at the Science Fiction Museum. I also have a tentative plan to go see Bachir Attar and the Master Musicians of Jajouka at Nuemo’s, a mere 8 blogs from the safe-house I’ll be in. It really depends on how well my workday goes. If I’m wiped out, I won’t feel like going too much. Who knows?



  1. Don’t forget to visit Jimi, when you’re there.

  2. Wish I checked in here more often and knew you were coming … I would’ve liked to have had coffee with you. Keep me in mind the next time you’re in Seattle.

  3. I had no idea you were a fellow Washintonianite!
    Yeah, that would’ve been a hoot!
    As it was, between work and a few jaunts out on the town, I was bored silly! I was curious as to where the good music stores were. I did see one dead and boarded up one called X-Ray Specs that had a little homeless camp in the doorway.

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