It’s Friday!

February 27, 2009

“We pissed in the slave-driver’s soup and they didn’t even know it…!” ~ Murray ‘The K’ Saul
Friday Operation FSU Podcast:

For some reason, the flash player keeps mangling the first couple of minutes of this show. I recommend right clicking on the download link and playing it in your browser (open link in new window or tab) until I solve it. Sorry ’bout that!

It’s Friday! – Murray ‘The K’ Saul
Szamar Madar – The Venetian Snares
Mijana – Księżyc
Beni Beni – Niyaz
Zulu Butter – Last Exit
Metal Tov – Electric Masada
Holiday in Guantanamo – Method of Defiance
War of Nerves – Cabaret Voltaire
Speed of G – Jim Larrance
Ham – The Billy Nayer Show
Tribal Connection – Gogol Bordello
Grammar – Conversational Klingon
Le Judement Dernier – Camille Sauvage
Diamond Macaque – The Sun City Girls
In Yer Eye/Blood and Pus – Cassette Boy
The Republic – Gang of Four
E.T., I Love You – Starlight Children’s Chorus

Congrats, Kids! We made it, somehow!



  1. Nice header! Nice clip too!

  2. I’ve had that clip for years and use to put it in a Friday playlist back when many of us at work shared music via iTunes playlists. Alas, we can’t do that anymore, due to changes in our network.
    I once played a portion of it over the public address system, when I was bolder and the boss was away.

    I also ran that header for a month or so a few years ago, then dug it up when Lux Interior passed away. I now think Ivy playing her guitar all by herself over there looks apropos and a bit sad now.
    I keep meaning to design a new one, but am so busy I don’t have time.

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