iPod Dead at Last

The little iPod that wouldn't die
The little iPod that finally died

Yep, it finally kicked the bucket. Read about the many trials and tribulations here. I’m not an ideal Apple customer, by any means. By all rights I should’ve dutifully thrown my old iPod over my shoulder and bought a new one every time a new model came out, right? Or bought a Touch.
No. I’m a bit of a techno-Luddite in a way – and a poor one at that. As it was, I bought mine from my pal Ralph with our usual currency: El Super Burritos*. The iPod cost me 24 El Supers, which worked out to around 80 USD, circa 2006.
But it’s really dead this time. My usual resuscitation regimen of getting it to display the ‘sad iPod’ icon and then unplugging it until the battery wore down didn’t work this time or even multiple attempts. Usually after that, it would come miraculously back to life as if nothing’s happened.
I’ve gotten an amazing amount of play time out of it. Like I said earlier, it not only played all night for years, but was almost always shuffling away in my considerable commute time.
Quite a bargain, I’d say.
Don’t know if I’ll buy another anytime soon. They’re pretty damn expensive for a toy and I hear the new ones aren’t very reliable. Who knows, though? Perhaps Ralph will want a new one and the promise of a steady flow of El Supers.

*The El Super Burrito is a demonically delicious and addictive offering exclusive to the taco stand Super Taco Express. It’s a caloric behemoth filled with beans, meat (get the chicken) salsa, cilantro and a big chile relleno in the center. It’s the all-day, all purpose burrito.


  1. I’ve thought about it. That’s a lot of money, though.
    To keep both in my M.O. of how I usually buy things and to keep inside my considerably low budget, it would have to be used and/or bartered.
    I think it’d be somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 El Supers.

  2. Goddam kids! With their I POD this and their pop up navi that! And watching their budget no less! GET OFF OF MY PROPPITY!!!! Ar eyou going to have some sort of memorial for said I POD? It sure seems to have served you well. You still have that brother in law(?) with the explosives permit? We could send the deceaased on it’s way in a fine way.

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