Trouser Press Tuesday: All About Eve

March 3, 2009

All About Eve (Mercury) 1988
Scarlet and Other Stories (Mercury) 1989

This London quartet features the rather lovely (and often multi-tracked) voice of Coventry-born Julianne Regan (an early bassist in Gene Loves Jezebel) and utilizes, of all people, former Yardbird bassist Paul Samwell-Smith in the producer’s chair. With dreamy-looking cover art and songs about children, angels and clouds, one might expect lots of wispy, ethereal music, but 1988’s All About Eve mostly offers up mainstream, big-guitar rockers. Even the quieter moments, such as “Like Emily” and “Shelter from the Rain” (with Wayne Hussey of the Mission adding vocals), sound like arena fare by some U2 support act. (…)

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