FU’d-Up Friday Podcast

March 6, 2009

Week one without an iPod.
White knuckling it.
It’s given me the opportunity to reassess my CD collection, yet I find that I find it difficult to listen to one CD all the way through like I used before I became a ‘pod person. Perhaps there’s a re-conditioning arc I need to go through.
But my laptop has been on fire lately, with iTunes selecting some amazing mixes on Party Shuffle mode. Here’s a mix from this morning, nabbed randomly with little need to edit/alter.

I have a busy week next week, with a show on Thursday evening from 10pm to midnight on KBOO, featuring some live music from local musician Bruce W. Hodges, who will amaze us with his electric Jew’s harp.
Should be fun.

I am also tentatively scheduled to guest on WSU station KOUG next Friday, at 6pm or thereabouts.

I will keep you all informed of my various doings and misdeeds.

Hope you have a swell weekend and thanks for listening!


Download mp3 (60 mins. 53 megs. @ 128kbps)

::NOTE: I realize the audio through the flash player sounds funky. I am working with technical support on it. Use the direct link and either right click and ‘Save as..’ or ‘Open link in new tab…’ to listen. I apologize for any inconvenience and hopefully will have this recurring problem solved.

(Track – Artist – Album)
The Shining Path – The Sun City Girls – Torch of the Mystics
Ah, Tone, Brownies! – Cassette Boy – The Parker Tapes
Showdown at the Foot of Mt. Fuji – Riichiro Manabe (Godzilla vs Hedora OST)
Conversation – Charles Bukowski – Run with the Hunted Outtakes
The Sixth Tooth – Chu Ishikawa – Tetsuo Soundtracks
C’t’écoeurant/Vestibule léger – René Lussier -Le Trésor de la Langue
Tomorrow is the Question! – Ornette Coleman – Tomorrow is the Question!
Cold Turkey – Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay (reissue)
Conversation – Charles Bukowski – Run with the Hunted Outtakes
My Desire – The Pain Teens – Born in Blood
Giddy Giddy Carousel – Death in June – Wall of Sacrifice
Als ob sie Bette Davis wär – Ute Berling – Duetsche Original Versionen 3
If you Mess With Me! – Carl Crack – Black Ark
Codes – The Orb – The Dream
An Unworthy Vessel – William S. Burroughs – Word Virus!
Ile Ma Lat? – Księżyc – Księżyc
Conversation – Charles Bukowski – Run with the Hunted Outtakes


One comment

  1. Maybe you have this problem; http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200807/google
    Great mix though. I only know about half the stuff on there.

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