The Melody Four

T. V. ? Mais Oui !
Chabada (France) 1986

Another of the mystery records someone gifted me.
This one’s even more fun than the previously posted one. This time around, it’s the Steve Beresford combo The Melody Four, which includes Lol Coxhill on sax and keys and Tony Coe on clarinet.
This is their loving tribute to TV themes, some of which will be completely unfamiliar to us Yanks. I only recognized the theme to Minder because of all the references to it (and its ‘feem tune‘) in Little Britain.
There’s ample strange improvisations by all, despite the relatively mundane source of music. The themes to MASH and Star Trek never sounded so good! Casio SK1 fans take note; both Beresford and Coxhill play them on various tracks.
Fun stuff!
Track list:

  1. Little Pictures (Talkin’ ’bout T.V.,Yeah!)
  2. Les Animaux du monde
  3. Danger Man / Destination Danger
  4. Le Manège Enchanté
  5. The Melody Four make your spirit soar
  6. Star Trek
  7. Perrier, Water for us
  8. Dallas
  9. The Munsters, suivi de Musique Sérielle
  10.  Les enquêtes du Commissaire Maigret
  11. Medley (Incl. Sooty, Addam’s Family , The Flinstones / Les Pierrafeu, Top Cat
  12. Minder – I could be so good for you
  13. Dunmow Flitch / Bonne nuit les petits / Dear Little Bear
  14. The Avengers / Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir
  15. Box Goggling
  16. Mash
  17. Bewitched / Ma sorcière bien-aimée
  18. The Melody Four make your spirit soar


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