Trouser Press Tuesday 3/24/09

Voodoo Beach Party EP7 (Lloyd Street) 1985
Southern Culture on the Skids (Lloyd Street) 1985
Too Much Pork for Just One Fork (Moist) 1991
For Lovers Only (Safe House) 1992
Santo! Sings EP7 (Zontar) 1992
Peckin’ Party EP (Feedbag) 1993
Girlfight EP10 (Sympathy for the Record Industry) 1993
Ditch Diggin’ (Safe House) 1994
Dirt Track Date (DGC) 1995 (Telstar) 1995
Santo Swings/Viva Del Santo EP (Estrus) 1996
Girlfight EP (Sympathy for the Record Industry) 1996
Plastic Seat Sweat (DGC) 1997
Zombified (Aus. Monkey Dog Music) 1999
Liquored Up and Lacquered Down (TVT) 2000
Mojo Box (Yep Roc) 2004
Doublewide and Live (Yep Roc) 2006

Since 1985, Chapel Hill singer/guitarist Rick Miller has been leading his merry band of North Carolina trash merchants, dressing up in hillbilly threads but playing bugeyed rock’n’roll, instrumentals, R&B and country swill with a lurid sense of humor, abundant skill and true historical dedication. The trio takes a loose and evidently well-meant minstrel-like approach to its Appalachian heritage, walking a strange line between the poles of taunting and exploiting a widely disrespected people. Southern Culture on the Skids’ records do neither, but simply take what they know and bend it into a cheerful caricature of a colorful personality.

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