Random Trousers Tuesday: CUB

Pep EP7 (Can. Mint) 1992
Betti-Cola (Can. Mint) 1993
Hot Dog Day EP7 (Can. Mint) 1993
Come Out Come Out (Can. Mint) 1994
Box of Hair (Mint/Lookout!) 1996

Cub formed in ’92 in Vancouver, just across the Canadian border from the gravitational pull of Olympia, Washington’s K Records/Beat Happening scene, and first appeared on a pair of pleasingly amateurish six-song 7-inchers. Genial, sweet, simple and sturdy enough to rock away the coyness that could ruin guitar-pop tunes like “A Party” and “My Chinchilla,” the self-declared cuddlecore trio proves that cute can be differentiated from cutesy. (…) Read whole entry.

Since 1974, Trouser Press has been covering the Other Music beat and currently resides on the web at www.trouserpress.com

I will be posting a random link from Trouser Press on every Tuesday until I just flat out forget.

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