April 4, 2009

Fellow DJ Love Jonze turned me onto this strange experimental duo last night when she handed me this CD and told me “you can’t go wrong with this one – it mixes with anything…”. She was right and it did. I played it mixed in with Eugene Chadbourne’s 1986 LP He is Insane and it didn’t miss a beat.

Spin-17 is a duo experimental project which explores contrasts and connections between harmony and noise, electronics and acoustics, toddlers and tea-totallers, obscenity and poetry. No genre is safe and the boundaries between art and doleful indulgence are blurred.
Spin-17 mixes improvisation with experimental composition (with a good amount of caffeine blended in). The effect of diverse influences from Mauricio Kagel to Warner Brothers cartoon soundtracks to early Siouxie and the Banshees can be heard like a diamond in the eye.

Check them out.


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