The Pessimist Club

April 5, 2009

The sharrity blogoshpere is vast and wide. Sometimes, especially thanks to the drive-by nature of some of my hunting sessions – aided no doubt by tools like Chewbone’s most excellent search feature – I tend to swoop in and grab the gleaming jewel without checking out the virtual landscape from whence they came.
Even in that light, I am still surprised that I haven’t run across The Pessimist Club before. It’s an amazing blog with a emphasis mainly on compilations – be they New Zealand New Wave, German punk, Finnish Avant-Garde, Soundtracks, etc., etc – all with very well-written and informative postings.

Check it out!



  1. Good find! I was also unaware of their existence.

  2. Did you listen to that Michael Gira tape? Holy crap!

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