SNL on Madonna/Jolie’s Babymania

I appreciate that The Huffington Post has been posting the video for the Weekend Update segment and political parodies from Saturday Night Live. Honestly, I can’t take much more than 15 minutes of SNL these days and its sub-Mad TV, go-nowhere skits and annoying, cloying cast members (but then, I’m over 40). There’s no way in hell I would brave the mine-field of flaming dogshit that passes for a comedy variety program to catch the relatively few jewels of comedy that appear to be written by adults.

Here’s a link to one of the funniest takes on the creepy, international baby festival of Madonna (the queen of mediocrity) and Angelina Jolie (a cosmetic surgery floor model).

By the way, it just occurred to me that Madonna, Jolie and Octomom should all get together and form on gigantic, 3-way baby-dropping-snatching, somatic narcissist triumvirate.

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