Trouser Press Tuesday: These Animal Men

April 21, 2009

(Come on, Join) The High Society (UK Hi Rise) 1994 (Hut USA/Vernon Yard) 1995
Too Sussed? EP (Hut USA/Vernon Yard) 1994
Taxi for These Animal Men EP (UK Hi Rise/Virgin) 1995
Accident & Emergency (UK Hut) 1997

The minute an English toddler caught sight of the Sex Pistols on British television and registered a subconscious thought (“that rock’n’roll swindle fing looks easy i bet i can get away wif that when i get older”) somewhere between its noodle and nappy before reinserting its thumb and crawling off to do something more pressing, Britain was doomed to endure an endless series of young bands determined to top the wanton exploits and arrogant posturing of their predecessors. Self-appointed stars from the Manic Street Preachers to Primal Scream to Radiohead to Oasis have provided the United Kingdom (and parts beyond) with colorful Clockwork brats on parade, generating news stories, obnoxious interviews and, occasionally, some good — if rarely original — music.(…)
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