Excavated Shellac Appreciation Society

April 27, 2009

I’ve been browsing this great blog for some time, but don’t think I’ve ever wrote about Excavated Shellac before, although I’m sure it made at least one of my sadly now neglected blogroll roundup reports.
He’s hit the wall that many of us have hit before where time management between our real-life and web-life becomes unmanageable:

I have to level with you, wonderful readers of this blog, and confess to you: I am tired.
Since the site’s inception two years ago, I have transferred, cleaned-up, written about and researched 113 individual 78s from my collection, week after week with only an occasional interruption.
So, as you may have guessed, I will have to decrease the amount of posts on Excavated Shellac to 1 or 2 a month. That way, I will still be able to deliver a piece of music as well as writing/research that means something to me, and hopefully to you too. I feel I’ve earned it with the regularity, uniqueness, and quality of what I’ve provided so far, but I do feel guilt

Nothing to feel guilty about, JW! Your posts and shares have been nothing short of fascinating.
One or two posts a month are still most welcome.

And don’t the labels on old 78 records look beautiful?



  1. Be sure to check out Excavated Shellac’s Dublab session.


  2. Jesus, I know how that is. I’ve almost quit writing all together because I don’t have time to do the research and articulate it. Luckily, KOUG came along, in addition to meeting you guys.

  3. Thank you!

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