Trouser Press Tuesday: NIGHTBLOOMS

May 12, 2009

Butterfly Girl EP (UK Fierce) 1992
The Nightblooms (UK Fierce/Paperhouse) 1992 (Fire/Seed) 1993
24 Days at Catastrofe Café (Fire/Seed) 1993

In the course of just a few years, this Dutch quartet underwent a nearly complete transformation of sound, even though its two-man/two-woman lineup (they all lived together) remained fixed. (That Steve Gregory, the mysterious Svengali/auteur behind the Pooh Sticks and Fierce Records, produced the band couldn’t possibly have anything to do with that, now could it?) “Crystal Eyes,” a 1990 single, cakes singer Esther Sprikkelman’s lovely little melody in a thick crust of howling guitars (including a spectacular whammy-bar solo by Harry Otten), amp noise and general mayhem; the noise level on its flip side, “Never Dream at All,” is so extreme that it’s hard to notice the fragile tune at all.(…)

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