Bob Moog Day

Bob Moog would have been 75 today.
One of my first ever virtual fan letters I ever sent someone when I first got onto the web was to Bob Moog. I received a reply a week later that I am pretty certain was from him and not from an assistant, webmaster, etc. (I like to think so anyway).

Bob’s innovations transformed music forever. He was also a humble man who made it clear that he was just one in a long line of inventors and researchers.
The documentary on him, Moog is fascinating and I highly recommend it.

You can also visit The Bob Moog Foundation’s blog here.

1 Comment

  1. maybe it is.
    how funny
    i watched a whole load of videos with him today
    via someones link from facebook.

    stuff with the mini moog the voyager and rick wakeman checking out a sample version of the voyager without the touch panel at a conference.
    the preview of the Fairlight and herbie hancock and quincy jones playing with it.


    maybe you posted that?

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