Show from 05/28/09

After a brief, Jazz-like detour, I paid tribute to the late, great Robert Moog, following his birthday last weekend. We heard some wonderful (Wendy Carlos), cheesy (Moog Party) and goofy (Perrey and Kingsley) synthesizer music. I also featured some pioneers of tape manipulation and electro-acoustics, with Steve Reich, Richard Trythall, Alvin Lucier and David Mahler. I might expand that theme out further on a future show, as I barely scratched the surface.


Download (2 hours, 167 megs. @ 192kbps

Walter Murch/George Lucas – What’s Wrong? THX-1138 OST
Tom Waits – Singapore – Rain Dogs
Bell Laboratories – Music and Noise – The Science of Sound
D-Knowledge – Jazz Is Is – All That and a Bag of Words
un – Fake Vite – un-Remarkable
Otomo Yoshihide and the New Jazz Orchestra – Hat and Beard – Out to Lunch
Eugene Chadbourne – Warriors #2 – The Warriors
Woody Phillips – Habenera – Toolbox Classics
Robert Moog on The Screensavers – YouTube Video
Wendy Carlos – March from Clockwork Orange – Clockwork Orange OST
Moog Party Time – Listening to Mozart – The New Exciting Sound of the Moog Synthesizer
Perrey and Kingsley – 3rd Man Theme – The Essential Perrey and Kingsley
Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain – Early Works
Steve Reich – Come Out – Early Works
Alvin Lucier – I Am Sitting In a Room – I Am Sitting In a Room
Richard Trythall – Omaggio A Jerry Lee Lewis – Six Classic Concrete, Electroacoustic And Electronic Works 1970-1990
David Mahler – King of Angels – King of Angels For Voice and Electronics
John Oswald – A Case of Death –
Jim Larrance – America’s Musical Frontier Heritage –
David Thomas – Sloop John B. – The Sound of the Sand and Other Songs of the Pedestrians


  1. Looks like a great mix again. Keep up the great work, Rich. I love moog-flavored moosic. You might recall that I featured a cheesy moog song during the opening comments of my Christmas podcast.

    Best, Kevin

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