Trouser Press Tuesday: KATELL KEINEG

Who? That’s what I said, too. That’s why randomly flipping through Trouser Press is so fun.

Ô Seasons Ô Castles (Elektra) 1994 (Field Recording Co.) 2002
Partisan EP (UK Elektra) 1994
Jet (Elektra) 1997 (Field Recording Co.) 2002
What’s the Only Thing Worse Than the End of Time? EP (Field Recording Co.) 2002
High July (UK Megaphone) 2004
Straight Outta Ireland (Scotti Bros) 1992

Welsh-born, Scottish-bred and resident in Ireland, singer-guitarist Katell Keineg somehow reflects each of those landing points (and a few American ones besides) in her hauntingly textured, wildly emotional music. She’s a singer-songwriter by trade — Ô Seasons Ô Castles has its share of relationship-disintegration songs, including the pelting “Franklin” and the more metaphysical “The Gulf of Araby” — but she’s also a bit of a musicologist, and her interest in Irish folksong and jazz-vocal phrasing give her Fred Maher-co-produced debut album surprising depth.

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