Trouser Press Tuesday: Cucumbers

June 23, 2009

Fresh Cucumbers EP (Fake Doom) 1983
Who Betrays Me … and Other Happier Songs (Fake Doom) 1985
The Cucumbers (Profile) 1987
Where We Sleep Tonight (Zero Hour) 1994
Total Vegetility (Home Office) 1999
All Things to You (Fictitious) 2004
Over the Moon EP [tape] (self-released) 1991
Love&Sex&Rock&Roll (Life Force) 2006

Deena Shoshkes (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Jon Fried (guitar, vocals, keyboards), who subsequently got married, launched the Cucumbers during the early-’80s surge of musical activity in Hoboken, New Jersey, and — with numerous bassists and drummers — have been at it, with improving creative results, ever since. On the four-song debut, Fresh Cucumbers, Shoshkes’ lead vocal on “My Boyfriend” is Brenda Lee magic set to a dB’s-like tune; elsewhere, the blend includes more edgy guitar work (by Fried) and less fizzy charm. The other three songs sacrifice some catchiness for added complexity, but all of them are plenty likable(…)

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