Show from 7/09/09: King Black Acid

Tonight I had on guest host and King Black Acid super-fan Donn B, who brought lots of music from Portland band King Black Acid.
King Black Acid emerged from the ashes of Industrial/Tribal/Psychedelic juggernaut Hitting Birth in the mid-nineties. They’ve put out some amazing spacey, psychedelic post-Grunge rock and even scored a movie or two.
Donn sat down with KBA front-man Daniel Riddle a few weeks back and conducted an interview, touching on lots of subjects from KBA’s past and beyond.

King Black Acid will be playing on July 18th at The Doug Fir Lounge. If you’re in town, be sure to check them out!

Play show:

Download (2 hours, 165 megs. @ 192kbps)

Playlist (Track/Album):

Waves Crashing – Live at the Crystal Ballroom 2002
Interview pt. 1
Autumn – Womb Star Sessions
Interview pt. 2
Headfull – Sunlit
Interview pt. 3
60 Cycles Numb – Royal Subjects
Interview pt. 4
Into the Sun – Live at the Crystal Ballroom 2002
Interview pt. 5
Butterfly Bomber – Love’s a Long Song
Interview pt. 6
Wake Up #37 – Mothman Prophecies OST
Interview pt. 7
Haunted – Mothman Prophecies OST
Interview pt. 8
Let’s Burn – Underworld 3: Return of the Lycans
Interview pt. 9


  1. Been a huge KBA fan since about 2000 – seen probably 25 shows or so, have 27 live CDs and the 4 studio CDs – thank you so much for this great interview – Donn Bash: great job on this, and thank you again! Daniel’s story is fascinating, and the music is awesome. I’ve told a bunch of people to check this out. ~Shane

    1. Shane-

      Thanks for the kind words. I hope I represented King Black Acid well. I appreciate you spreading the word and hope other fans listen and leave feedback. Donn

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