Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

Out-of-print and hard to find 1961 album of recordings made of a concert of some pioneers of electronic music.
From Wikipedia:

Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center was an album of electronic music released in 1961. It was the recording of a concert performed at the McMillin Theatre (today called the Miller Theatre) at Columbia University on May 9 and 10, 1961. (…)

The Arel composition is completely electronic, with articulated signals over a continuous background texture. El-Dabh’s composition, an “electronic drama,” has a text drawn from the epic of Layla and Majnun, and consists primarily of tape manipulated instrumental and vocal sounds. Ussachevsky’s work has lyrics derived from the Enuma Elish creation myth, with chorus and electronic accompaniment. Babbitt’s piece is composed entirely on the RCA Synthesizer. Davidovsky created a work manipulating sine wave, square wave, and white noise generators. Luening’s composition combines solo violin with RCA Synthesizer sound followed by tape manipulation.

I was pretty damn pleased to find a very good copy of this at my local Goodwill for only 99 cents.
Here’s my rip, at 320kbps.

Track list:
1. Bülent Arel: Stereo Electronic Music No. 1
2. Halim El-Dabh: Leiyla and the Poet
3. Vladimir Ussachevsky: Creation—Prologue
4. Milton Babbitt: Composition for Synthesizer
5. Mario Davidovsky: Electronic Study No. 1
6. Otto Luening: Gargoyles


If I get a chance, I may get a friend who has a spiffy, large-format scanner to scan both sides of the cover. The above image is one I found on the ‘net.

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