Trouser Press Tuesday: WHITE ANIMALS

Nashville Babylon EP (Dread Beat) 1981
Lost Weekend (Dread Beat) 1982
Ecstasy (Dread Beat) 1984

Proof that Jason and the Scorchers aren’t the only modern, independent rock band in Nashville, the White Animals have been active on the scene there for a number of years. These three releases on the band’s own label showcase a developing style, from hard-driving rootsy rock’n’roll on Nashville Babylon (which features covers of “Tobacco Road” and “For Your Love” as well as four originals) to more refined power pop and odd rock digressions (marred by muddy production) on Lost Weekend to a slick, commercial sound on Ecstasy, their best record except for nine onerous minutes of “Gloria.” The White Animals aren’t exactly bursting with personality, but make it up with sincere enthusiasm(…)

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