Trouser Press Tuesday: OH-OK

Wow Mini Album EP (DB) 1982
Furthermore What EP (DB) 1983
Sound Castles EP (DB) 1984
Hello EP (Nightshade) 1987
Make Djibouti EP (Texas Hotel) 1988
Swollen (Texas Hotel) 1990

After hearing so many art bands buried in their own sense of self-importance, it’s refreshing to bask in the modesty of Athens’ Oh-OK. Like R.E.M. (with whom they share a family tie), this humble group put their elliptical ideas over as much by being good guys as anything else.

Oh-OK was a guitarless trio on the 7-inch Wow, offering four clever and tuneful songs that get their drive from Lynda (sister of Michael) Stipe’s pumping bass and their charm from Linda Hopper’s breathy singing: a delightful mix of Pylon and the female side of the B-52’s(…)

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