This is cool; I was just watching Link Wray clips on YouTube this weekend and I own one of these records on vinyl:

Robert Gordon with Link Wray (Private Stock) 1977
Fresh Fish Special (Private Stock) 1978
Rock Billy Boogie (RCA) 1979
Bad Boy (RCA) 1980
Are You Gonna Be the One (RCA) 1981
Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die (RCA) 1982
Live at Lone Star (Fr. New Rose) 1989
Robert Gordon Is Red Hot (Ger. Bear Family) 1989

Singer Robert Gordon made one of the sharpest volte-faces in musical memory when he left New York pseudo-punkers Tuff Darts to reappear as a freeze-dried ’50s rocker, complete with sideburns, pompadour, a songbook of Sun Records oldies and authentic guitar icon Link Wray in tow.

Superficial trappings aside, Gordon’s strongest asset is his magnificent voice — a clear, clean baritone rarely heard in pop music of any stripe. His debut album, Robert Gordon with Link Wray, is suffused with rockabilly material (songs from Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent, Billy Lee Riley and Eddie Cochran), but the accompaniment by the Wildcats is more contemporary, with Wray contributing sizzling guitar licks(…)

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