Show from 9/17/09 Musically Speaking

Tonight’s show was entitled Musically Speaking, featuring spoken word arts with music, or people speaking with music and under, over and through music.
With a few exceptions, no one’s singing and sometimes there’s speaking with no music.
Some obvious choices like William Burroughs, Gil Scott-Heron and few items from Giorno Poetry Systems records and the like. I played several short tracks by globe-trotting avant garde guitarist/vocalist Craig Burk, who used to do a show opposite me on KBOO.
I have enough of this hybrid-spoken-word-music to fill up several shows, so will continue this next week.

Download (1 hour, 55 mins., 159 megs @ 192kbps)

(Artist – Track – Album)
Walter Murch/George Lucas – What’s Wrong – THX-1138 OST
Lounge Lizards – I Can’t Hardly Walk – Live 78-81 ROIR Cassette
Jim Carroll – A Peculiar Looking Girl – Better a New Demon Than an Old God
Butthole Surfers – A Boiled Dove – Smack My Crack
Bell Laboratories – How We Hear – The Science of Sound
Jim Larrance – It Is Called Radio – Best of No Soap Radio
Star Trek – Grammar – Conversational Klingon
Hakim Bey and Bill Laswell – Poetic Terrorism – TAZ
William S. Burroughs and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy – Words of Advice for Young People – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales
Gil Scott-Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised – Pieces of a Man
D-Knowledge – The Revolution Will Be On the Big Screen – All That and a Bag of Words
Sarah Jones – Your Revolution – Your Revolution / The Higher Standard
Ivor Cutler and Linda Hirst – Women of the World – Privilege
Public Works – Numbers 1 – Numbers
Les Crane – Desiderata – Desiderata
National Lampoon – Deteriorata – Radio Dinner
Hakim Bey and Bill Laswell – Immediatism – TAZ
Public Works – Numbers 2 – Numbers
Katherine Dunn – King Ca Ca Boo Cycle – Cybere’t PDX
Maggie Estep – How to Get Free Burgers – Love is a Dog From Hell
Ken Nordine – Flibberty Jib – Best of Word Jazz Vol. I
Copernicus – From Bacteria – From Bacteria
Death in June (w/Boyd Rice) – Bring in the Night – Wall of Sacrifice
Happy Flowers – Charlie Got a Haircut – Too Many Bunnies
Craig Burk – Back To The Home Of My Mouth – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – Curl Up On The Couch – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – On A Hot Roll – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – Nothing In Particular – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – Let It Float – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – Let’s Get It All Done Tonight – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Craig Burk – Pick A Card – Codes of Abstract Conduct
Pigface – Binary System – Easy Listening for Difficult Fuckheads
Material – Seven Souls – Seven Souls
Psychic TV Presents – St. Francis E. – Ultrahouse – The LA Connection
Sonic Youth – In the Kingdom – EVOL
xxx – Closing Message – Drastic Perversions
Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T. I Love You – E.T. I Love You

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