I Found a Sound Archive and Playlist

I Found a Sound: A Brief History of Sampling and Appropriation in Music

Show from Monday October 5th, 2009

Dr. Zomb and RefuDJ ManRich present a chronological look at sampling, from it’s roots in Musique Concrete and Avant Garde, to the pioneering lp by Brian Eno and David Byrne, and on to culture jamming artists such as Negativland, John Oswald, Evolution Control Committee, as well as Turntablism in Hip Hop and finally, recent Mashup masterpieces.

Plunder Radio!!!

Fun show. We helped raise a few bucks for KBOO and presented in rough chronological order a somewhat abbreviated overview of sampling and appropriation in music. It’s amazing where the road will lead when you get two DJs in the room with pickings from their respective collections. We ended up continually surprising each other when one record from one of us would dovetail with something in another’s crate, with little or no pre-planning.

Dr. Zomb and I would like to thank all the folks who provided or suggested material, among them DJ Broken Window, Rolf Semprebon, Marc De Gierre, Mssr. Chris Merrick and more…

I would also like to dedicate this show to KBOO’s Papa Dada, the late, great Richard Francis, who blew my teenage mind by playing historic cut-up and tape art music on his show all those years ago.

Listen to part one
Download (1 hour 58 mins., 136 megs @ 192kbps)
Listen to part two
Download (2 hours, 3 mins., 145 megs @ 192kbps)
Playlist below the fold…
Artist/Track (year)
John Cage(w/Genevieve Blons on shortwave radio) – Credo in US (comp. 1942, rec. 1972)
Moondog – Tugboat Tocatta (1940’s)
Pierre Schaeffer – ???
Pierre Henri – Porte et un Soupir (1963)
John Cage – Williams Mix (1952)
William S. Burroughs – Origins of the Cut-Ups (1958)
William S. Burroughs – Handkerchief Masks (early 60’s)
Buchanan and Goodman – Flying Saucers Pt. 1 (1956)
Steve Reich – It’s Gonna Rain (1965)
The Monkees – Opening to Head (1968)
Richard Trythall – Omaggio Au Jerry Lee Lewis (1976)
David Mahler – King of Angels (1977)
Bob James – Wolfman (60’s)
The Blasters – Steering Wheel Stuck (60’s)
Doug Kahn – Reagan Speaks for Himself (1980)
Bob Ostertag – Getting Ahead (1980)
Dennis Duck – The Pants Story (1977)
Byrne and Eno – Regiment (1980)
Byrne and Eno – Come With Us (1980)
Milan Knizak – Broken Music (1979)
Graeme Revelle – Nocturne/Insect Musicians (1986)
John Oswald – Mystery Tapes/Kissing Jesus in the Dark (1980)
Negativland – Guns! (New American Radio version – excerpt) (1989)
Steinski – The Motorcade Sped On (1986)
Negativland – Guns! (mixed with Steinski) (1989)
Negativland – A Big 10-8 Place (excerpt) (1983)
Steinski – It’s Up To You (1992)
Grand Master Flash – Wheels of Steel 12″ (1981)
Age of Chance – We Got Trouble (mid-80’s)
Mark Stewart – As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade (1985)
Beastie Boys – Eggman (1989)
John Oswald – Black (1989)
John Oswald – Brown (1989)
John Oswald – Dab (1989)
Cassette Boy – Apple Cak/Dead Horse (2005)
Divide & Kreate – Illiterate City (M. Jackson vs Guns N’ Roses) (2007)
Cassette Boy – Fred Horse/Parker Tapes (2002)
Big City Orchestra – Bulldog/Beatlerape (1994)
Cassette Boy – Duck Breath/Dead Horse (2005)
DJ Food – Raiding of the 20th Century (excerpt) (2004)
Public Works – ?
People Like Us – Kitten/Thermos Explorer (1999)
Evolution Control Committee – I Want a Cookie (2003)
Emergency Broadcast Network – Electronic Behavior Control System (1995)
People Like Us W/Negativland – What’s Music/Hate People Like Us (1999)
Osymyso – Intro-Spection (excerpt) (2002)
Royskopp/Bastard Pop – Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (?)
Boards of Canada – Dandelion (2006)
DJ Pantshead – Phil Mclean vs Eraserhead (2004)
RIAA – Eraserhead Serenade (2008)
Sons of Silence – Golden Age of Men’s Music (1996)
Depth Charge – Nine Deadly Venoms (1994)
Fuck Bootleg – Eleanor (?)
Drew Dobbs – Eleanor Bates (90’s)
Wax Audio – Blue Eleanor (2008)
Coma R – Michael Jackson vs Justin Timberlake (2008)
Twink – A Broken Record (2005)
Pierre Henri – Porte et un Soupir (reprise)(1963)

This was on KBOO, 90.7 FM in Portland and streaming on the web at www.kboo.fm/listen


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