Show from 10/29/09

October 30, 2009

Back on the air after a two week absence. I was preparing and giving a presentation on sampling and audio collage for a digital media class at WSU, so had to let the program go for a bit.

But I’m back this week with a new show. A lot of hubbub in the air room. We just had radio personality Rick Emerson on the show prior to mine, so people were packed in like sardines. He was a really nice guy. He did a talk at WSU, despite having just been let go from Portland station KUFO (to make room for the odious Ricker from Seattle). You can listen to his interview by station manager Cara C. here.

Here’s my show. A few old and new tunes. Nothing special, but glad to be back at the board.

Download ( 1 hour 59 mins. 163.4 megs. @ 192kbps)

(Artist – Track – Album)
Walter Murch/George Lucas – What’s Wrong – THX-1138 OST
Roy Story Sports Line – Negativland.com
Bumpity Theme – KATU TV
Cesar Romero PSA – Negativland.com
Consolidated – College Radio – Friendly Fascism
Bongwater – great Radio – Power of Pussy
Century 21 -KABC Talk Radio Demo – Steamroller
Negativland – 48 Hours – Helter Stupid
National Lampoon – Separation – Official Stereo Test Record
People Like Us – Do or DIY – Awful Fun
Blaine L. Reininger – Dance in Your Blood
Shackleton – Blood on My Hands – Blood on My Hands 12″
Dengue Fever – Seeing Hands – Venus on Earth
Amit Kumar & Kavita Krishnamurty – Deewane ye Ladke – Ansoo Bane Angarey
Last Exit – Hanged Men Are Always Naked – Head First Into the Flames
Last Exit – No One Knows Anything – Head First Into the Flames
Stereolab & Nurse With Wound – Animal or Vegetable – Crumb Duck
Ogam Ogat – Haey Ho – Nac
Can – Oh Yeah – Tago Mago
Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T. I Love You – E.T. I Love You

The KOUG is WSU’s radio station, streaming 24 hours a day at www.kougradio.com (iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player and VLC).


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