Show from 11/05/09

Tonight I played some very early electronic music and some spoken word pieces. After a bumpy start, I played some Walter Carlos’ wonderful Switched On Bach album. I also played some Charles Bukowski and some tracks from those great and hopelessly out-of-print Freeway spoken word albums from mid-Eighties LA. I also played a long excerpt from İlhan Mimaroğlu’s piece Six Preludes for Magnetic Tape from 1966.

Download (2 hours, 1 minute, 165.9 megs. @ 192kbps)

Lalo Schifrin/Walter Murch/George Lucas – What’s Wrong – THX1138 OST
Laibach – Contrapunctus I, II – LaibachKunstDerFuge
Walter Carlos – Sinfonia To Cantata No. 29, Air On A G String – Switched On Bach
Charles Bukowski – Radio With Guts – Run With the Hunted
Charles Bukowski – Angry? – Readings
Charles Bukowski – We Ain’t Got Money, Honey, But We Got Rain – Run With the Hunted
D. Boon – My Part – English As a Second Language
Jack Brewer – Elysian Fields – Neighborhood Rhythms
Dennis Cooper – Hello In There – Voice of Angels
Various – Unknown – English As a Second Language
Phast Phreddy and the Precisions – Freeway Dub – L.A. Radio
Stereolab – We’re Not Adult Oriented – The Groop Played “Space Age Batchelor Pad Music”
İlhan Mimaroğlu – Six Preludes for Magnetic Tape – Electronic Music III
Peter Alexander – Der Letzte Walzer – German Hits, 1968
People Like Us – Swinglargo – Abridged Too Far
Vyacheslav Mescherin – Куба, моя Куба – Easy USSR
Venetian Snares – Szamár madár – Rossz Csillag Alatt Született
Throbbing Gristle – Separated – Part Two: The Endless Not
Gadgetto – Certain Men Always Get Their Way – Nipkow Sphere
Francis Dhomont – Excerpt – Frankenstein Symphony
Fred Frith – The As Usual Dance Toward The Other Flight To What Is Not – Step Across the Border
Feederz – Mr. Rory’s Arizona Baked Hyena Tripe – Vandalism: Beautiful As a Rock in a Cop’s Face
Ivor Cutler – Life in a Scotch Sitting Room, Vol. II, Episode 15 – Privilege
James Tenney – Collage #1 (Blue Suede) – Selected Works 1961-1969
Magic Carpathians – N’est Ce Pas – Ethnocore 3 VAK
Colatron – Twin Hearts – Mashed in Plastic
E.T., I Love You – Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs

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