Morgan Fisher (with John White)

ZG Magazine 1981

Something I bought from the Richard Francis estate sale:

A curious little cassette from electronic music genius and New Wave impresario Morgan Fisher (he did the wonderful compilation Miniatures and the not-quite-as-wonderful Miniatures 2 a decade or so later) with composer John White and Gavin Bryars.
Here, Fisher attributes his contribution on side one to ‘The Hybrid Kids‘. His stuff is quirky and odd and is entirely composed of cover versions of other people’s songs, almost all done in a raucous, over-the-top fashion.

John White’s music on side two consists of a piece that was performed live at the Miniatures Launch Party and is much more pastoral and mellow.

This was apparently an offering with a short-run publication called ZG Magazine:

ZG Magazine was a short-lived British magazine that covered recent developments in modern art and music, and a cassette came with each issue. For their third issue they invited Morgan to provide some music and he decided to use material that had been recorded in connection with two of his recent albums. The “Play Loud” side includes demos, remixes and out-takes from “Claws”. “Play Quiet” was a fascinating collage of remixed material from “Slow Music” plus six pieces by The Nordic Reverie Trio, who had performed at the “Miniatures” launch party. The trio’s music was composed by John White (a contemporary classical composer who had made an album for Brian Eno’s Obscure Records label), who also played, and the other two members were Gavin Bryars (now world famous for his lush minimal orchestral music, and a participant in both of the “Miniatures” albums) and Dave Smith.

Great New Wave-era fun.

Download (re-upped 01/05/12)

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