Show from 11/19/09

November 20, 2009

Tonight I played a truly random bag’o tracks. The only last minute substitution was a track by Master Musicians of Joujouka, in honor of the passing of their oldest member, Mallim Ali Abdeslam El Attar (he was 100!), after Frank Rynne contacted me this afternoon to tell me of his death. May he be at peace. Unfortunately, I had not one MMoJ CD in my crate or on my laptop and had to play something from the controversial ’95 reissue of The Pipes of Pan.
Fun show, though. I played some really heavy electronica and some fun percussion-based songs, as well as an album I’ve been looking for for a while – John Somebody by Scott Johnson.

Download (2 hours, 1 minute, 166 megs. @ 192kbps)

(Artist – Track – Album)
Walter Murch/George Lucas – What’s Wrong – THX-1138 OST
Philip Glass/DJ Spooky – Music in 5ths – Sound Unbound
Master Musicians of Joujouka – Your Eyes Are Like a Cup of Tea – Brian Jones Presents The Pipes of Pan At Jajouka (95 reissue)
Gavin Bryars – Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet (three loops simultaneously)
Robert Fripp – Midnight Blue – Sometimes God Hides
The Pain Teens – Noh Jam – Born in Blood
Alejandro Jodorowski – The Tarot – Holy Mountain
Mothers of Invention – The Chrome-plated Megaphone of Destiny – Lumpy Money
Mothers of Invention – Local Butcher – Lumpy Money
Gadgetto – Threat to Nominal Youth – Gadgetto.com
Carl Crack – What’s Going On? – Black Arc
Venetian Snares – Cheatin’ – Making Orange Things
Ikue Mori – Redeye Skimmer – Class Insecta
David Thomas – Crickets in the Flats – Sound of Sand
Scott Johnson – John Somebody pts. 1-3 – John Somebody
Jim Larrance – Ask Your Doctor – cut-up sound.blogspot.com
Jim Larrance – Ultra 0901 – cut-up sound.blogspot.com
Missing Persons – Destination Unknown – Greatest Hits
Richard Linklater – Crazy woman/”you should stop…” – Slacker
Frank Zappa – Packard Goose/Dale Bozzio’s soliloquy – Joe’s Garage acts II – III
Foetus – Hammer Falls – Gash
Magic Carpathians Project – Dark – Ethnocore 3 VAK
un – Hard-Drive Crash Opera I – IV
Savage Republic – Real Men – Tragic Figures
New Order – Everything’s Gone Green – 12″
Bill Laswell/Otomo Yoshihide/Yoshigaki Yasuhiro – Duck – Soup
Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T. I Love You – E.T. I Love You


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