The Rapture

Sorry for the low-rez snap. I haven’t had time to scan it yet.

David Wilkerson Ministries
No year 1972*

Cover art coming soon.

Something I found in a thrift store. It’s an LP credited to David Wilkerson Ministries. I think this is the same David Wilkerson that published the smash-hit best seller The Cross and the Switchblade (we had a school teacher that forced us to watch it one year in grade school) and known for his (typically) off mark religious predictions.

It’s a sort of pre-cursor to all of the Rapture mania that’s been going on for the last decade or so. It’s presented in a sort of Mercury Theater, War of the Worlds style, with all action being conveyed by actors playing newscasters or people being interviewed either about the mysterious disappearances of the righteous or some hideous plan by The Beast.

Although there’s no date anywhere on this LP – and certainly no Satanic Roman numerals – I’m not sure when this came out and I can’t find a shred of info on this on the web, I’m guessing sometime after 1980, based on the clothes on the people on the LP jacket’s back. Also, the fact that in the story the President of the US is one of the raptured, makes me think this is a product of the era of Ronald Reagan. It mentions that this is a soundtrack to a movie of the same name, but can find nary a mention of it anywhere on the web.
*EDIT: I’ve since found a bare-bones entry on it in IMDB. It has the film listed as having come out in 1972.

Some notes on the quality: on side one there’s some occasional distortion that sounds like clipping. It’s unfortunately on the LP. In fact, even though I’ve listened to this album more than once, while ripping it, I still found myself leaning over to nudge the fader down on my mixer down in an unconscious attempt to try to attenuate what sounds like level clipping. It’s either a poor pressing or inept mastering. Sorry!

That aside, it’s a fun LP. Almost as fun as Forrest McCollough’s Flight F-I-N-A-L, but not quite as batshit crazy (I played both LPs on the week before last’s show).

Side One:
Side Two:

Download side one

Download side two

My first glimpse of Rapture eschatology was seeing a similarly-themed VHS tape that was set in a CNN-type news desk and utilized lots of stock footage of riots, war and famine to tell the story of the Second Coming of Jeebus. A real laugh riot that was forced on us by a crazy, Fundy-Xtian relative. Wish I had it now.

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