Show from 12/03/09

Black Friday Leftovers and The War on Terror: The Second Helping

Tonight I played a mix that I assembled when I thought I might schlep my ass down to the station on Black Friday and actually do a show. I didn’t, but the mix was still fresh nearly a week later with no sign of staleness. Shopping and spending’s a year-round duty and we all have to do our part.

Then I shifted gears and addressed Obama’s address he gave at West Point. The War on Terror was always so much bigger than a mere administration change.

So, it’s like two shows in one.
No playlist. Sorry. I was too busy mixing to write anything down, but the recipe goes something like this:
Sounds from Lalo Schifrin’s THX-1138 soundtrack, some news reportage of Black Friday, liberal doses of Harold Boheim’s Ad and the Ego (music by Negativland), something from something called Bonfire of the Brands, Ned Beatty in Network, some Snog, a lot of Negativland and probably more that I don’t remember.
The War on Terror II mix was Obama at West Point, Laibach’s Krst Pod Triglavom and Opus Dei, the film 1984 (from 1984), some Crass, Adrian Belew, local fave Rachel Taylor Brown and even something by Motorhead! Stir rapidly while simmering over a low boil.


NOTE ON QUALITY!: There are numerous drop-outs in the audio due to the cheap-shit equipment at the studio. While it didn’t affect the live broadcast, the recorded archive has the occasional drop in levels that I didn’t catch before uploading it. I might try to correct it, but I think the recording may be ruined. I am sorry!

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