Show from 01/28/10: People Who Died in 2009

Tonight I’m joined by The Outside World’s Daniel Flessas and Dr. Zomb of Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura, as we attempted to pay tribute to those who passed on in 2009.

This was on KBOO, following the jack-knifed semi on the radio freeway that was the 3rd annual Portland Music Awards.
Did anyone leave their radio on to catch us afterwards? Who knows? We had few calls, which was unusual.

The Deathstravaganza went well, though. We barely got to everyone, but Daniel, acting as MC, did a pretty good job of at least mentioning as many departed folks as possible within the two hour show.
In Two Thousand and Nine we lost Michael Jackson, Lux Interior (of The Cramps), Ron Asheton (Stooges), Patrick McGoohan, David Carradine, Walter Cronkite, Paul Harvey, Oral Roberts, Marilyn Chambers, J.G. Ballard, Elizabeth Clare Profit, Dom DeLuis, Les Paul, Jim Carroll and so many, many more….


Lalo Schifrin – What’s Wrong? – THX-1138 OST
Boyd Rice – Invocation – Music, Martinis and Misanthropy (No, Lalo and Boyd aren’t dead. It’s the Kill Ugly Radio theme montage tonight)
Orlando “Cachaíto” López – Redencion – Cachaíto
Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Dedication To The Tackling Of The Beast And The Dragon -The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults
Patrick McGoohan – The Prisoner – YouTube
Ventures – 4th Dimension (for Bob Bogle)
Michael Jackson (with The Jackson 5) – I’ll Be There
David Carradine – Kill Bill clip – YouTube
Intro from Kung Fu – YouTube
David Carradine – Paint – Sonny Boy OST
Ali Akbar Khan – Ragas
Stooges/Ron Asheton – Down on the Streets – Funhouse
Destroy All Monsters!/Ron Asheton – You’re Gonna Die – Destroy All Monsters!
The Cramps – TV Set – Songs the Lord Taught Us
The Cramps – Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? – Can Your Pussy Do the Dog? 12″
The Cramps – The Way I Walk – Live at CBGBs 1978 (RIP Lux Interior)
Negativland – A Most Successful Formula – Dispepsi (For Ricardo Montalban)
Jim Larrance – Old Radio – Best of No Soap Radio (for Walter Cronkite)
Walter Cronkite – Man on the Moon – Man on the Moon LP
Walter Cronkite – JFK is Dead – YouTube clip
Phineas Narco – Candy Man (Paul Harvey)
Paul Harvey – Letter from God – YouTube clip
Ferrante and Teicher (?)
Don Eddings – Chappaquiddick Bridge – 7″ (Ted Kennedy)
Marilyn Chambers – Benihana – Benihana 7″
Dom DeLuise – Texas Has a Whorehouse In It – Best Little Whorehouse in Texas OST
Blossom Dearie – Surrey With A Fringe On Top – Once Upon a Summertime
Tina March – YouTube clips
J.G. Ballard/Harley Cokliss – Crash! (1971)
Joy Division – Atrocity Exhibition – Closer
Oral Roberts – YouTube clip
The Normal – Warm Leatherette – Warm Leatherette 7″
Oral Roberts – YouTube clip
Sirone – Bass Solo – YouTube clip
Jim Carroll – Peculiar Looking Girl – Better a New Demon Than an Old God
Rashied Ali – Solo – YouTube clip
Jim Carroll – People Who Died – Catholic Boy
The Beatles – Sexy Sady (for Susan Adkins) – The White Album
Soft Machine (for Hugh Hopper) – Soft Machine vol.2

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