Show from 02/11/10

February 12, 2010

Tonight’s show brought to you by technical difficulties and auto-pilot.
I don’t want to type up a playlist.
How ’bout I just tell you about it on the air?


I did play some Laibach’s Kunst Der Fuge, some Cates & DPL (their Pink Floyd remix), some weird detour around trying to decide if we were really broadcasting in stereo or not comprised of Diamanda Galas and a few stereo test and demonstration records I had, the entireAndreas Ammers and F.M. Einheit piece Crashing Aeroplanes while I crawled under the mixer to see if everything was hooked up right and finished the show with some of Disney’s Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln record and The U.S. Constitution, narrated by TV’s Marvin Miller.


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